The Main Difference Between Aeronautical Engineering & Aircraft Engineering Technology

Aeronautical Engineering: 

Aeronautical engineering is the most important courses in engineering being taken up by a number of students nowadays. In India, many institutes are offering aeronautical engineering courses. This field of engineering deals with the development of new technology in the field of defense system, and aviation. It specializes in the operation and maintenance, testing, development, construction and designing of both military and commercial aircraft and their parts as well as missiles and satellites.

Aircraft Engineering Technology: 

The aviation industry is one of the fastest growing industries. With the open sky policy of the Government of India many private players are entering into this field thereby creating a large number of employment opportunities to the aircraft engineers. The work of these engineers is to immaculate the condition of the aircraft before it takes-off. For becoming an Aircraft engineer, the candidate has to obtain a license from the Director General of civil aviation.

Difference between aeronautical engineering and aircraft engineering technology: 

Nowadays, many candidates are of the doubt whether aeronautical engineering or aircraft engineering technology would be better for their career and most of them are of the doubt about the difference between these two.
The following information will clarify their doubts: 

  1. Aircraft engineering technology is probably a two year degree course, while aeronautical engineering is a four year degree course.
  2. The candidates will be able to earn more in the case of aeronautical engineering as compared to aircraft engineering technology.
  3. Aeronautical engineering deals with designing of planes, while aircraft engineering technology deals with their maintenance and operation.
  4. Aircraft engineering technology candidates should be more convenient with the subject of mathematics as compared to the candidates of aeronautical engineering candidates.
  5. Aircraft engineering technology is more practical based while aeronautical engineering is heavily theoretical based.

2 comments on “The Main Difference Between Aeronautical Engineering & Aircraft Engineering Technology

  1. As an aeronautical engg student, i really dont accept what you say!!.. Jobs for aeronautical engg is no where to be found.. stop giving students wrong motivation and hope!!

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