Caption this photo: Airbus gives Embraer A380 model after wingtip incident #PAS11

Airbus says that chief executive Tom Enders gave his Embraer counterpart, Fred Curado, a model of an A380 as a “piece” offering after the wing of Airbus’s demonstration A380 hit Embrarer’s building at Le Bourget airport on the Sunday before the Paris air show.

What caption do you have for this photo?

Airbus Embraer A380.jpg


Photo of Note: A380's too-close encounter at Paris

Airbus A380 F-WWDD MSN004
PARIS — When a superjumbo gets just a bit too close, this is what can happen. Here’s a view from a different angle. A380 MSN004 returned to Toulouse late Monday evening for repairs. The prang occurred just after the aircraft landed and was being towed from the taxiway to the static display, and was not under its own power at the time of the incident.

Special thanks to the person who shared this.


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