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Lots Of Unsubstantiated Rumour Follows:

Wheel Fuse Plugs Failed, Leading To Explosive Failure Of  Wheels.
No Damage to Tires.

(Pilfered From Airbus Web Site)
Max. Ramp Weight: 366.2 Tonnes
Max. Take-off Weight: 365.0  Tonnes
Max. Landing Weight: 254.0 Tonnes

!RUMOURED! Landing Weight During Test: 370 Tonnes
Previous Test at 360 Tonnes Completed Successfully.

Unlikely To Ever Happen In Real Life.
Airframe and Wheel/Brake Manufactures In Heated Discussions.

More Pictures

A340-600 Max Brake Test
No comment !
 This is an 83 KIAS run through a 150 ft water trough with approximately 3/4 inch
of standing water. No water ingestion difficulties. We did bend the landing lights
located inboard of the main mounts though. We suspect the water spray from the tires
impacted the lights with enough energy to bend them. This was not discovered until the gear
were retracted on subsequent takeoff and the lights were damaged.
Work in progress to strengthen the landing light mounting apparatus.
NASA Brake and Tire Test
Fuel Test


This is what about 200 grams of Semtex will do to a pressurized (9 PSI to simulate 30000 Ft) 747!
source: “AW&ST”

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