Unusual aircraft pictures -2

Ramp Mishaps 

Always look before grabbing a “handle” to lift something.


Repaint mishap.
More pictures
md11 gallery

Load and balance.

More Pictures.

I was the captain on that flight headed from EDDF to EHAM,
unfortunately unsuccessfully completed.

We started our takeoff roll from runway 25R at Frankfurt at 0804Z, October 11, 1983.

The photo was taken by Mr.Butenhaus, one of our mechanics based in Frankfurt, who was also the maintenance representative onboard the aborted flight.

The pallet/load which shifted was pipes used for nuclear power plant cooling systems.

The airplane was not written off and was flying again about 6 weeks later, having been repaired by a Boeing swat team. The swat team removed the aft fuselage and tail sections, replaced the pressure dome/bulkhead, aft fuselage and the tails sections.

In fact, I also flew the airplane on its first trip back in revenue service.  It was a great airplane.

More pictures.


This happened around 1980. An N registered DC-8-61 (I believe Evergreen)which was flying for Saudi was in a check in the Cargolux Hangar. The plane was made ready to go.
Fueled and loaded, but some FAA guys wanted to see it so the departure was delayed one day and it was towed back into the Hangar. That night a fire broke out and destoyed the plane. The cause was thought to be oxygen leak. The fire department did a great job keeping in mind that the tanks where full!! 

Saudi 777 run-in with Stairs.
Thou shalt tie down loose equipment ! 

Weight and Balance problems.

“Southern Winds CRJ-200 in Buenos Aires, Aeroparque Jorge Newbery.
12-mar-99 , 1900Z
No chocks, no parking Brakes.”
Claudio Sallaberry

NTSB Report

Alaskan Airliners PosterPage

Barry Byne writes:
“An Asiana B747-400 had difficulty getting to the gate, and ran intoa parked Aeroflot plane. The wing of the Aeroflot plane tore into the #1engine of the Asiana causing a minor fuel spill, then the wing of the 747buried itself in the tail of the parked Aeroflot plane.”

More Pictures

Unverified and sanitized story about Incident 

Mike Tobin writes :”All the these pictures, except the one credited to KTUU-TV, were taken by  Jack D. Glover. The Boeing engineers worked around the clock under a heated tent and fixed the Asianabird and it has departed ANC. The IL-62 still sits awaiting a decision to repair or scrap.” 

More Pictures

Boeing 727 and Falcon have a get together. 









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