Jet Time Expands MRO With Dublin

Dublin Aerospace announced on Sept. 2 that Jet Time, one the MRO’s first landing gear customers, signed an overhaul contract valued in “the low million” euros range for Honeywell 131-9B and Honeywell 85-sereis auxiliary power units (APU) on the Danish carrier’s Boeing 737s, says Frank Burke, head of sales for the privately held, two-year-old company. This five-year deal also provides Jet Time with a loaner APU if one has a problem on-wing so the aircraft remains operational while Dublin Aerospace refurbishes then returns the APU.

Dublin Aerospace has six 85 series APUs and two 131-9Bs that can serve as loaner units.

Burke estimates 7-10 APUs will fail during the contract with Jet Time and another 10 will require repairs, based on the carrier’s fleet size.

The MRO’s APU shop is about 70% full, “but our capacity can increase easily;” its base maintenance is about 90% full and has been “solid” since last October; and its landing gear shop is about 80% full, says Burke.

This year Dublin Aerospace started overhauling easyJet’s Airbus A319 landing gear as part of a five-year contract, which was a big win for the company founded in 2009 by executive chairman Conor McCarthy, who previously held senior leadership positions at Aer Lingus and Rynair.

Jet Time was one of Dublin Aerospace’s first customers.


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