New Q400 for SpiceJet

Bombardier Aerospace announced on August 27, 2011 that India’s low-cost carrier, SpiceJet has taken delivery of the first two of 15 Q400 NextGen turboprops ordered in December 2010.



“SpiceJet’s order was a breakthrough for our Q400 NextGen turboprop in the Indian market, and Bombardier’s portfolio of commercial aircraft and customer services continues to be well positioned to support the development of India’s airline network,” said Chet Fuller, Senior Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Asset Management, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft, during a ceremony held yesterday at Bombardier Aerospace’s Toronto facility, where the Q400 NextGen aircraft is manufactured.

The airline will use the aircraft for high-frequency, point-to-point services to regional cities, complementing its larger jet aircraft fleet that connect major Indian cities. SpiceJet currently serves 22 destinations in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

SpiceJet has also signed a 10-year agreement under Bombardier’s comprehensive SmartParts program that will provide a wide spectrum of cost-per-flight-hour maintenance for the airline’s full fleet of Q400 NextGen aircraft.


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