Gulf Air A320 skids off Kochi runwayGulf Air A320 skids off Kochi runway

A Gulf Air Airbus A320 skidded off the runway at Kochi International Airport early Monday morning.

Gulf Air said in a statement that three passengers were injured. Two were treated for minor injuries in the terminal building; a third was taken to a hospital after suffering an injury during the evacuation. His condition was not critical, Gulf Air said.

Flight GF270 was traveling from Bahrain to Kochi with 136 adult passengers, one infant and six crew onboard. It landed at Kochi about 1.45am local time and skidded off the runway. The emergency chute was deployed and all passengers were evacuated and transferred to the airport terminal immediately by shuttle bus.

“Rainy weather conditions are suspected to be the cause of this incident, however the aircraft was approved for landing and the cause will not be able to be confirmed until a full investigation has been completed. The aircraft remained fully intact but suffered a nose gear collapse during the skid. The 18-month old aircraft – tail number A9C- AG had a full and up-to-date service history,” Gulf Air said.


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