Post Graduate Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Courses in Australia

In Western Australia, there are around 450 aircraft maintenance engineers, most of whom work in the Perth metropolitan area. While only 5% of aircraft maintenance engineers are female.

Established in 1887, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is a member of the Australian Technology Network and Global U8 Consortium.

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University is one of Australia’s leading educational institutions, producing some of the country’s most employable graduates.
Located in the heart of Melbourne city, RMIT has an international reputation for excellence in work-relevant education an

Qualification: Graduate Certificates and Graduate Diplomas
Awarding body: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT)

Course Description: Program focuses on specialization of aircraft maintenance functions. Designed for both local and international students who require postgraduate in aircraft maintenance engineering management systems.

Program Integrates: the human factor and threat and error management issues into the technical aspects.
Program Includes: guidance of knowledge on development and skills to deal with organisational changes aimed at establishing a culture of society.

Graduate will learn outcome of decisions and competitively positioned for advancement with aerospace manufactures for example: Rolls-Royce, Boeing, Pratt and Whitney, Airbus, Bombardier, British Aerospace, airlines and maintenance and repair organizations (MRO), within a regional and international levels.

Requirements: Student must have a first degree or similar experience. Evidence of further professional development through in-house or external run training.

Study level – graduate in aircraft maintenance engineering certificate and graduate PG diploma’s in aircraft maintenance management.
Study category – Aircraft Maintenance Engineering courses
Study mode – Full time, Distance/Online, Part time
Duration – one year/six months

Venue address:
RMIT University
City Campus
GPO Box 2476

RMIT University Review: The academic program is designed with up to date content. The lecturers consist of highly experience.
Overall experience: The academic program for aircraft maintenance engineering is designed with up to date content. Make sure you speak to lecturers before applying, at open days. Don’t go into the course thinking that you are the best, lecturers will put you in your place very quickly.

d high quality research, and engagement with the needs of industry and community.A vibrant alumni community now stretches across more than 100 countries.


2 comments on “Post Graduate Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Courses in Australia

  1. i am doing my U.G. 3rd year eee in india.. can i join this course? if yes, do i have to take GRE nd TOEFL exam?

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