Is it Aircraft Maintenance Engineering or Aeronautical Engineering or Commercial License Pilot?

Is it Aircraft Maintenance Engineering or Aeronautical Engineering or Commercial License Pilot?

1.who is paid most?
2.which is most glamorous profession?
3.who has most responsibility?
4.who is considered as no:1 in aviation?
5.who will be having most knowledge about airplanes?


1.who is paid most?

A. Pilots: As a pilot, I know from first-hand experience that starting wages for civilian pilots are very poor. Typically a pilot’s first job fresh off the lot is a flight instructor (CFI, CFII, MEI) for a flight school, and they make about 12k a year. This is not because of the hourly wage is so low, but the fact that they are only paid when in two roles (flight time, and ground). Also, it is possible for someone to make a living flight instructing, but this is usually someone who has thousands of hours of experience who usually owns his or her own plane.

To further restrict the pilot’s income, they have daily time restrictions on the amount a flight instructor can fly Once a flight instructor builds up enough time to go to the airlines, they will usually get picked up at a regional with a starting salary of 18-20k a year with a raise to 26-30k. With that said, it takes several years for a pilot to see a financial gain for the thousands of dollars and astronomical amount of time and energy they invested, but eventually, the pay reaching in the 90-120k plus a year range.

B.Aeronautical Engineers: I do not have first-hand experience for the salaries of aeronautical engineers, but I found on the below listed website that the typical salaries start around 24-150k.…

C.A&P (airframe and power plant) Mechanics as they are called in the US have an average salary range of 35k-85k. I have several friends who are A&P’s and their salaries reflect the data on the listed site.…

2.which is most glamorous profession?

In comparative analysis, all three (designer, operator, repairer), play an equally role, and the absents of all three are detrimental the aviation industry, along side the rest of the elemental functions of aviation infrastructure, DESPITE what others say about their individual roles which they believe and portray to be most vital.

3.who has most responsibility?

Again, all three share equally
independent levels of responsibility,

4.who is considered as no:1 in aviation?

No one in my opinion, we are all part of and intricate system

5.who will be having most knowledge about airplanes?

There are different levels and understandings of knowledge, which again are equally important with respect to the common goal of safety and reliability. The pilots have a unique knowledge and understanding to the operation of the aircraft that goes beyond a computer generated representation of an aircraft design, where as the mechanic, has a different set of vital skills that also extend beyond the classroom.

Then there’s the engineer, who uses their knowledge of Science and mathematics to bring the idea to life and produce the next generation of airplanes.

Unfortunately there have been countless, misunderstandings between R&D and operations where there was something overlooked or not considered at all, which have let to catastrophic failures. This problem was alleviated when manufacturers started having the two departments work together where they could share their unique knowledge. On top of that, advanced computer software added to the reduction of abnormalities.


In final words my personal note is in slight favor of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.
The work of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer may not be exiting and glamorous but Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are just as vital to the aviation industry. Without AMEs you can’t even imagine to fly.  
Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are the nuts and bolts of aviation.
I hope this is helpful ..


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