Chosen Aircraft Maintenance Engineering or Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering As A Profession, Then Be An AeroModeller

Are you a student of aerospace engineering or aircraft maintenance engineering, then take Aeromodeling as a hobby and model aviation as a extra curriculum subject.
Aeromodeling introduces flying theory in a wide spectrum-

  • Better understanding of theory regarding the flight characteristics
  • Knowledge of the terms lift, drag, angle of attack, stall
  • Practical hands on experience, how a modern aircraft fly?
  • Above all you will get recognize the sophisticated technology regarding today’s aviation.

Go with model aeroplanes. Take aeromodeling as a hobby and i assure the above, model aviation will provide immense skills and sufficient knowledge on all technical aspects of aircraft and aircraft basic assemble and construction.

Why Aeromodeling?

  • Aerodeling takes you more closer to aviation.
  • Assembling,construction and flying model aeroplanes is very educational experience.
  • Flying models construction techniques are replica and borrowed from vintage full-sized aircraft(although models rarely use metal structures)

These construction consists:

  • Forming and framing of the model planes using thin strips of light wood such as balsa.
  • Covering model plane with fabric and subsequently doping the fabric to form a light and sturdy frame airtight.
  • Model with high scale construction techniques consists of using formers and longerons, for the fuselage and spars and ribs for the wings and tail surfaces.

The aeromodeling involves design,building and flying of model airplanes or helicopters. It also gives a primary introduction to the world of aerodynamics, designing,electronics engined technology includes both piston and jet engines,wood crafting and the technology of new materials.

Most importantly you will brush up and get revision of paper-2 and paper-3 of aircraft maintenance engineering licensed examinations and lots of semester portion will be covered for aerospace engineering.

You will come to know:

  • Basics of assembling,construction and flying which covers syllabus for Paper-II(Aircraft General Engineering And Maintenance Practices) and Paper-III Category A(Light and Heavy Aircraft)
  • Calculation of C.G position

Now,i hope they are good reasons for you to take aeromodling as a hobby.As you progress in aeromodeling and before you undergo on-job training or apprenticeship in last semester, you will have real technical data and real feel of aircraft.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is not a glamor profession and with passion if you have chosen this as a career then you need to make ways to come closer to it.Aeromodeling is one of the best way to do that..

Believe you will start loving your profession either as a student of aerospace engineering or aircraft maintenance engineering or as an on-job training.

Be a AeroModeller! Loads of creativity is involved in it. You’ll say “I’m loving it”.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, in coming series of aeromodeling i will try to put more insights on history of aeromodeling.


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